Aziz alili ilahije

Musical Chef has the same ilahija done by Aziz Alili. Login or register to post comments. To live, to listen, to learn. Vasye vykoj vykov, Amen.

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On one hand it does. Artists who died aaiz July - December A collection of the artists that passed away infrom July to December. Ekavski is mostly spoken in Serbia. The language has 3 different dialects — ekavski, ikavski and ijekavski.

The lyrics can frequently be found here check the full description and comments or by filtering for lyric videos. Today, however, Serbs within Bosnia are going back to Ekavski. Sergei — yes, ilxhije is Bosnian.

Want to watch more videos for this song? Bilalova tuga za Resulom by Aziz Alili No lyrics text found for this track. A good web site, which gives you a good explanation about the Serbocroatian or Croatoserbian language is http: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I a,ili what we have here is a combination of sevdalinka and ilahija.

U dergjahu mog srca Bosnian. By Serbs I understand also Montenegrins. I think that there are certain Croatian words that were even exempt from this language — like the months of the year.

"Ya'alili" by 8th Day: The official music video

Gdje su Mekka i Medina Bosnian. There is another verse and more of the chorus. You've reached the ilahijje limit of 10 videos. Add new song Add new translation Add new request. Login or register to post comments. Underrated Anime Here is a list of some underrated anime that you might not have heard of, in no Their are poets who write them and then you will typically hear various versions.

Konservo — I never thought to do that and lol — yeah — I know about. An unexpected error has been encountered.

Collection of the depressed and tranquil mind The songs in this collection are not about depression but a playlist of songs Log in to watch more. Remember your alli choices. Ilahije are spiritual recitations although I tend to put spiritual music in the same category and sevdalinke are love songs.

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This site uses cookies. Za licem tvojim Bosnian.

To watch videos non-fullscreen: Always play videos fullscreen. I mean basically, the dialects are very easy to figure out — there are specific rules — so knowing the language you quickly pick up on the dialects through simple rules.

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