3d horror sounds

Deadly Hit 8 seconds bpm. Gong Swipe 2 6 seconds. Trp Staccato Cluster 3 seconds. Ghost Sweep 2 seconds. Gong Screeching 8 seconds bpm.

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Horror Hit 2 10 seconds bpm.

Orchestral Bends 22 seconds bpm. Haunting Flute 20 seconds bpm. Howling Strings 29 seconds bpm. Distorted Scream Riser 4 seconds. Dark Texture 3 14 seconds bpm. Low Strings Piano Hit 4 seconds. Ghost Wispher 10 seconds bpm. Dark Texture 2 12 seconds bpm.

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Bending Trees 34 seconds bpm. Gliss 2 6 seconds.

Trill to Orch Hit 6 seconds. Trp Staccato Cluster 3 seconds. Cluster Trem 1 10 seconds bpm.

Strings Dissonance 1 14 seconds bpm. Short chord 1 4 seconds. Piano Strum 1 8 seconds bpm. Airy Strings 20 seconds bpm. Gong Orch Hit 6 seconds. Gliss 1 8 seconds bpm.

Horror Sounds

Woodwind noise 22 seconds bpm. Timpani Rollbrass Cluster 18 seconds bpm. Wailing Horns 20 seconds bpm. Metal Piano Hit 8 seconds bpm. Stringed Drum 2 10 seconds bpm. Orch Hit 1 4 seconds. Menacing Low Piano hit 2 8 seconds bpm.

Menacing Low Piano hit 1 8 seconds bpm. Building Growl 24 seconds bpm. Screeching Strings and Low 12 seconds bpm.

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Piano clank 8 seconds bpm. Ghost Scream 1 2 seconds. Middle Strings Chord 1 2 seconds.

Bowed Cymbal 9 seconds bpm. Stringed Drum 1 7 seconds bpm.

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