Fermi bios editor

Originally Posted by shai Halud. It will use the voltage setting 1. That makes absolutely no sense. Now my 2D Voltage is 0.

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Gives us something to mess with. So overclocking this card its hardyou need to find the max voltage before you notice that your FPS in games are dropping down.

Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 edditor Last Jump to page: BB code is On. The short way DOS: This is the same guide i was working on, just had to translate it.

Fermi Bios Editor 1.5.5 with GTX580 support now public!

Hard Drive hynix gb ssd boot2tb deskstar apps ,1tb spinpoint bu. Vantage - P This is a fact for the GTX http: This site uses cookies.

Care to upload it for us? All help in the search is appreciated. Will it actually damage the card in the long run, because the card will be changing voltage more often, as it changes from 2d to 3d low power clocks. The only thing where you will notice is that your FPS will drop down.

All i am seeing here is shader and memory adjustments Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Important, please read before using modded BIOS files: Silicon Lottery Case Labs.

At this point the only positive result may for others that this tool is public now! I would be interested in a vanilla bios that unlocks the voltage. There are four groups of voltages — Settings When those values were actually applied to the HW, they were rounded up to the correct board values.

It seems that the voltage settings on some GTX's and 's is up withone step if you use Driver Is this no longer an option with Fermi, or do we just have very basic Fan control as shown in Fermi Bios Editor now eg min and max speeds only. Just flashed my card to core.

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Originally Posted by Ket. Shame on the guy who leaked this tool.

Just be careful that you don't jump in over your head. Skynet Mobile 10 items. I'm just thinking about this edditor before pulling the trigger on it.

Fermi bios editor guide | TechPowerUp Forums

I am only trying to warn people of the risks. So we can see if it works with all walks of GTX cards? You find his thread here: Better deitor just try raising the Clock speeds and NO Voltage tweak. Now, lets visualize the meaning of each parameter:.

Nvidia would have had him against the wall after some point anyhow. Than you restart the system.

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