Command and conquer generals zero hour maps

This is a very hard, but extremely fun map to play. Readme Map Name Fortification Aplha v2. I hope you like the map. In your face fast-paced action right from the git-go.

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Three shellmaps for Zero Hour by rich Spiteful Garbage Trucks Bomb Trucks hunt for you. My KW Reloaded mod already reached over 23, downloads.

It is fairly symettrical with a blue hue to the snow. Both sides have some heavy defensive stations at their borders.

Vietnam War (Tet defence)

Not all maps are AI friendly. Description From the Author: This 4-player map is a corner to corner teamwork style map. No, but it'll take lots of heavy downtime for me to sort maps out in this way into folders, and I don't have the time for that since there are way too many maps to sort out.

A very dark three player map for Zero Hour, this is a large open battlefield. No big towns or roads here. This is a 4-player Desert map designed for team play.

You tasked with protecting the US base and the atomic weapon until the development is comp. Features a large city in the center with plenty of buildings to garrison. Plenty of money scattered throughout the mals along with oil derricks and other tech goodies. And that is to defend the USA base.

Mountains and a frozen river divide the land in this 2-player Snow map with snow storm set at night with a tint of ohur. A skirmish and multi-player 4 player map from Ovidel. The base areas are all separated from each other by small rivers and mountains.

Features a city in the center, a dam, and a realistic flowing river. Buildings scattered about the map to garrison your troops in.

The players base areas are divided by mountains, some nice ramps built in the mountains. Includes one 8-player map, 6-player map, 4-player map, and 2-player map.

Zero Hour Maps: General Map Pack - Downloads - C&C Labs

You must capture the rocket pads before the GLA launches them. This is a 4-player night map from Servu. A 3-Player skirmish match for Zero Hour.

There is pleanty of cash and a good quantity of tech for a long game, the houf is easy to defend and can be quite fast.

The AI is super smart in this map, and ruthless, so watch your back This is a 4-player Desert 'no frills' map from Max.

A large river divides the north and south of the map. The centrel area of the map has many bodies of water with land bridges between them and specially modded artillary platform in the center can be unforgiving and deadly. The third way is going down into the canyon to cross.

Fommand getting to them is the hard part! A free-for-all four player map with terrain "walls" around each base.

Fortress Avalanche (3v3 version) | Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour Maps

The name gives it away, the map is in the shape of the middle mapw, with each country being a base. Features a large city in the center accessible via several bridges. Looks simple but with many ways to each player you need to work fast to protect any paths to your base.

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