Ashita hareru kana

Notify me of new comments via email. Yes, this is just another lyrics post. This broken feeling Overcome it one more chance.

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But I just read on another blog which the author seems to dislike it…complaining that the tempo becomes too slow at later parts…. This site uses cookies. Hey, thanks for pointing out!


Forgive any atrocious mistakes, ya? This song is beautiful. Another key is You in the palm of your hand Why baby?

Loneliness and trouble from God to bestow Do not cry when you want to cry is What this is destiny established? Mite minai you na furi Sono mi wo mamoru tame?

Kuwata Keisuke - Ashita hareru kana

Nandz Oppa Friday, November 12, at thanks. It is just like the never-ending magical wonders of the seasons. Should I give up? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

MavericK Thursday, August 28, at Thanks zue, for visiting. Nageku you na furi Nokoru no wa koukai dake!! Who will open the door to miracles?

MavericK Tuesday, December 4, at Kaha prob, glacier-san. For the sake of loving oneself on some days, Recall on the beautiful memories that you have For the life that has yet to unfold from the distant past Exists to make that one dream of yours come true. Haha…never thought of trying to sing the song out using the translation myself…haha…think it will be fun, though hilarious though…. To get a logical and full meaning of this wonderful song I put together the efforts of many persons, with a bit of tweaking here and there -credits at the bottom.

Yes, this is just another lyrics post.

Where have those glorious days gone? Should we give up? You are commenting using your Facebook account. Nageku you na furi Yo no naka no sei ni suru dake Oh, baby.

I love it becuase the movie Proposal Daisakusen really touched me. Pretending to lament Only to blame the world. Crying hot tears of love and Sun shining example where did you disappear?

It is just like the never-ending magical wonders of the seasons Oh baby. Love Song Productions lunargen d-addicts gEkOh jpop-suki translation: Now, standing at the dirtied corner of the street, Looking up in the sky, I will think to myself everytime. Mou sukoshi no shoubu ja nai!! I'm not going to make that choice. Losing "love", will there be no "passion", either?

Thanks for posting Ashita Hareru Kana lyric. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The key to the door is already On the palm of your hand. Words of MavericK Blabbering of a Fool.

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