Directx eradicator 2.0

Young 10 years ago. Once the removal process finishes, the application requires you to restart your computer in order to complete the deletion of certain files and folders. New in DirectX Eradicator 2. Andre 5 years ago.

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DirectX Eradicator

D u really saving my gaming life u know. Mau 2 years ago.

Extract the DirectX Eradicator archive, run dxerad. In any case, provided a copy of the operating system, this tool is bound to remedy your DirectX-related issues.

Erradicator 5 years ago.

Ben 2 years ago. Bottom line, DirectX Eradicator is not a dream tool and it may just prove to be nothing but a delay in your Windows re-installation process as this is the outcome in most cases reported by users.

Directx eradicator 2.0 download

When this happens, it's recommended that you reinstall your OS in order to fix these wrongdoings. Thanks for the tip with the registry…passed 5 hours try to make Battlefield 2 working fine, because i got the great idea to install directx 10 on my xp vaio …. There is no interface for this utility, just a confirmation dialog. Windows10User 3 years ago. To rollback to the original DirectX, launch the shortcut, click Yes and enter your Windows installation disc.

Patton Dickinson 2 years ago. | Download | Programs | DirectX Eradicator

At this point in time, you might reconsider your options; however, getting here implies that you want to remove DirectX without reinstalling Windows. Jul 28th, Freeware. BJ 9 months ago. Trying to install a different version of DirectX 9.

Kautsar 10 years ago. Sal Demirci 6 years ago.

DirectX Eradicator was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie. DirectX Eradicator supports full uninstall of DirectX versions 2. Using the program, you have the options to backup, restore, perform a rollback using a Windows disc, and a full install function.

Alex 6 years ago. Tawheed Wani TD 4 years ago.

These include system instability and inoperable Windows installation. While it's a vital component of the operating system, DirectX may suffer from problems that cripple its integrity from encountering errors or computer virus infestation. Once the removal process finishes, the application requires you to restart your computer in order to complete the deletion of certain files and folders.

DirectX Eradicator provides an alternative to complete Windows re-installation by deleting the DirectX runtime core component through one sophisticated set of operations that detects the OS and its localization, searches for all DirectX files, folders and registry keys, disables the WFP Windows File Protection and then removes the items that have been found. Young 10 years ago.

DirectX Buster uninstalls DirectX from version 5 up to version 9. It does not work on modern Windows. It supports diredtx full uninstall of DirectX from version 2.

Johnny 4 years ago.

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DirectX Eradicator warns you of the eventual side-effects upon execution. Thanks for the solution. This is done in a matter of seconds, once you have agreed to run the process.

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