Blue october hate me

His answers now tend to be vague because he doesn't want to force an interpretation on anyone, but when the album was new he was much more specific. For Attila song, see Guilty Pleasure Attila album. Flagged nikkicolei on April 20,

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Hate Me is found on the album Foiled. She called a few days before she died with concerns she had.

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She always said she didnt want to be like me. Get "Hate Me" on MP3: Dirt Room - Single.

I think he is trying to make amends to her for all she did and all he put her through and he wants her to be happy before she dies as she is alive in the end. I thank my mother and Ive seen how hard it is for her.

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How could any parent possibly hate their child? Love really does hurt. The lead singer reveals the meaning behind the song in a interview that can be read at: She still cares about him, but doesnt love him. Play "Hate Me" on Amazon Music.

Very deep and powerful stuff if you know anything about addictions. He suffers from bipolar disorder and at the time had a drug addiction. This page was last edited on 5 Mayat ahte Hate Me was his apology song.

If you listen to the album version of the song, you will also notice at the beginning of the song a phone message from a mother-type of character.

She disappears into this pain that I cant help her with, it hurts me to see her hurt so bad. Then the video director came up with the "it's too late, mom is dead" interpretation, but if you watch the video, the last scene she's actually alive and they're drinking oxtober tea together, so a little hint of hope at the end. Furstenfeld wrote "Hate Me" as a response to the way his drug addiction and depression damaged his relationships with his girlfriend Maime, octobeer whom he wrote the song " Calling You ".

I think the song is in contrast ms the loving care that the mother gives him. Another live acoustic version was released on the live acoustic album Ugly Side: This song reminds be of what any kind of relationship or friendship with a borderline is like.

Long story short, if you are getting different interpretations of this song, it's because it has multiple meanings layered on top of each other.

‚ÄéHate Me - Single by Blue October on Apple Music

He talks the first paragraph about what he is going through with quiting his addiction. An Acoustic Evening with Octobeer October in They returned with two albums inUgly Side: Email me when new interpretations are posted for Hate Me.

She says this song reminds her of us and I tend to believe that.

Argue with a Tree The song is raw and powerful, but seems to end on a strong note because the storyteller is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And the whole "Hate me, today Why not add your own? The video is featured in the karaoke video game for PlayStation 2Singstar Pop.

Got there and spent 6 hours watching her die over and over until her heart could no longer take mme attacks.

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