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If you're having problems with it, it's possible that the security rules on the server may be interfering. I wasn't quite sure as to what the question was, but am under the impression that a copy of the message is to be sent to the person who filled in the form. Hello Muhammad, You could simply add a variable named headers and then add as many as you need. Note the way the body of the message is composed using the variables. But make sure you can at least run it from the browser.

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I hope this saves someone some time and headaches If the email is set after the visitor fills out the formit is ready to send.

PHP mail() Function Code to Send Emails from a Form

See this page for scrlpt information: Have you confirmed the MX records are pointed to Gmail correctly? Please Anyone helps me to solve this issue.

Are you able to echo out your specific variables to ensure they are dcript filled? Emzil built-in functions such as phpmail and mail in PHP that can be coded for that purpose, but we do not provide code beyond what we have provided in the articles written within the Support Center. If a full stop is found on the beginning of a line in the message, it might be removed. You would need to change the admin email address to your gmail. Best Regards, TJ Edens.

Sir thanx for the code. Hello Jessica, Unfortunately we do not provide custom coded solutions however you can use PHP to get the session IP and put it in a variable. Hello James, Instead of using echo to say thanks you could use code provided in this StackOverflow forum thread. Yahoo mail and likely a few others will not accept any emails with a "Subject" declared in the additional headers along with scriot to", "From", etc.

Do emzil want to send a copy of the message to the person who filled in the form? This code doesn't work for me either. These are just the couple technical issues that helped my case.

PHP form to email explained

I found this code, but the mail does not send. As outlined at https: Hello Iam Alaa i have error and i can not find it can help me when i sent to email see this massage what can i do.

The parameter parameter was added. Hello aditya, Thank you for contacting us.

You would need to add code to send it as an encrypted email. In our situation we use inmotion for web hosting, but host email for the same domain locally in our network.

We are happy to help, but will need some additional information. I was using a link scripf the confirm code appended to it and then a GET in the webpage to validate but I have read in several places that is not a good idea yet I cannot seem to find how to get the user from their email back to the webpage without using GET. Hello Simhaa, We're not sure where you're trying to run your code, but check out this post.

Simple PHP Mail test • Conetix

Hello Harshak, Unfortunately this snippet of code will not be helpful in fully troubleshooting the issue. If you require further assistance, please let us know! eamil

Back to first comment top. As a result this message will be delivered, but the mime structure is broken, since relevant lines are left out. The validation was a nice touch.

But you never know. Please provide more information about how you're using the PHP scrit function to send mail and why you're having issues with sending mail using "example domain.

I send html message as 7-bit, so I didn't try yet with html. Over 78 - clients are allowed to display the message in a "harder to read" way.

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