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The player may choose to catch these with the paddle, or avoid them, depending on the specific Power-Up and its effect. Categorised by colour, the game features twenty Power-Ups in groups of ten blue, five red, and five grey. You May Also Like: Welch, on which Seumas had contributed with graphic and level design.

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Hence the ball will always remain big, while the paddle may still be shrunk down by the regular Shrink Paddle power-up. Categorised by colour, the game features twenty Power-Ups in groups of ten blue, five red, and five grey. The game will end once all spare paddles have been lost, or after the selected board-set has been completed.

The game also features two new Power-Ups, an easy to play "Kid-Mode", and a hotseat multiplayer modealongside an original soundtrack by SideWinder.

The user can open the file, installing ShFolder. This excellent game was developed and published by Longbow Digital Arts on Local Disk C or C drive. Download Will Start Automatically. The board pack also featured new backgrounds for one of the board-sets.

Not all items are helpful, and some are downright deadly! Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Here all the levels and boards are unlocked and you can play any levels or boards, which you want.

Basically, the blue Power-Ups are considered good, while red increase the difficulty, and grey may vary depending on the situation.

DX Ball 2 Full Version Free Download

DX Ball 2 is an amazing puzzle game. Got high resolution textures.

New features include a new boardset, a level editior and online leaderboards. Then wait 20 sec.

fulo Missing the ball equals losing a life, and losing all lives is game over. DX-Ball 2 Windows - We have provided direct link full setup of the game.

Welch, and adding memorial notes in commemoration of Seumas. The main menu states it is version 1.

Download DX-Ball 2 (Windows)

Earlier we published DX Ball 2 1. Retrieved September 12, Alongside that, it also installed MCEWrapper. Not too long after the release of DX-Ball 2 version 1. This is one of the oldest games now a day and still it is popular for all kinds of people due to good graphics and gameplay options. As a common Breakout-style game, the object is to clear the screen of all bricks, in order to advance to the next board.

Categorised by colour, the game features twenty Power-Ups in groups of ten blue, five red, and five grey. For instance, some Power-Ups may speed up game progress by enhancing the paddle with guns or fll the ball into multiple balls, while other Power-Ups may increase the difficulty by speeding up the ball or shrinking the paddle.

It is full and complete game.

Karan Kalyani's Blog: DX Ball 2 (Full) - Classic Game with Levels

A 20th Anniversary edition was announced on August 23rd, with the release date being set in Fall ofwhich will feature a new boardset. Among other new fulo, the game also introduced two new Power-Ups: DX Ball 2 Tap to Rate. Points are also earned by collecting any of the available power-ups, which is worth 50 points each.

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